Nature of land based business survey 2016

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This short survey is being carried out by the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, in partnership with Scottish Land & Estates and NFU Scotland. 

Please take just 5 minutes to complete this questionnaire and help us gather vital information, you will also have the opportunity to enter into a prize draw to win a case of 6 bottles of wine.

The management of land and the things we get from land is increasingly in the spotlight.  The pressure to better balance food and fibre production with other objectives like natural flood management, better water quality, improved biodiversity and carbon storage is likely to increase in the coming years.  Subsidy/incentive payments are increasingly likely to be linked to delivering these objectives. 

This questionnaire aims to get a snapshot of landowners, farmers and other land managers’ experience of managing what is known as “natural capital”. The results will help the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, Scottish Land & Estates and NFU Scotland inform the Scottish Government about what land-based businesses already do to maintain and improve nature, and the type of help they will need to be able to do more.

The survey closed on Wednesday 31st August

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