Natural capital investment a key policy in Scotland's Economic Strategy

3rd March 2015 By Jonathan Hughes

The Scottish Forum on Natural Capital welcomes the Scottish Government’s recognition of the need to invest in natural capital as one of the key policies of Scotland’s Economic Strategy published today (3 March).

We welcome the acknowledgment within the Strategy that protecting and enhancing natural capital is “fundamental to a healthy and resilient economy”. We are encouraged to see continued leadership from the Scottish Government, which has become one of the first countries in the world to include natural capital within its economic strategy.

We are also glad to see the support for resource efficiency and remanufacturing as part of Scotland’s move towards a more circular economy. Realising the economic benefits of reducing the need for raw materials and the environmental damage caused through the disposal of products is an important step in the protection of natural capital both in Scotland and overseas. 

The Scottish Forum was one of the organisations chosen to convene a roundtable to provide input for Scotland’s Economic Strategy, the Scottish Government’s commitment to increasing sustainable economic growth. We are glad to see the Scottish Government’s continued support for the work of the Scottish Forum since its launch by the then First Minister at the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital in November 2013.

We believe this is a very positive step for Scotland’s Economic Strategy and look forward to working with the Scottish Government to increase the understanding of how natural capital underpins every aspect of creating a more successful Scotland.


Jonathan Hughes (@JonnyEcology) is Co-Chair of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, Global Councillor at the IUCN and Chief Executive of the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

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