Scottish Forum membership reaches 50

8th August 2014

The Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, an initiative bringing together public, private and voluntary sector organisations to protect and enhance Scotland’s natural capital, is proud to announce its 50th member. Membership of the Scottish Forum has grown steadily since the first members’ event in February this year.

The 50th member to sign up is Jacobs UK Ltd, the UK branch of Jacobs Engineering Group, an international engineering, architecture and construction firm. Stefanie O’Gorman, Director of Economics and Policy was a speaker at the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital in Edinburgh last November. Catriona Schmolke, Vice President said:

"Jacobs is delighted to be the 50th member of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital. On a daily basis we support our public and private sector clients in enhancing the large stocks of natural capital which they hold and unlocking ecosystem service benefits for all.  We look forward to participating in the forum as it grows and develops"

Mike Elm, Scottish Forum on Natural Capital Project Officer, commented:

"The impressive diversity of the Scottish Forum’s membership is highlighted by other recent new members which include Scottish Water, Plantlife Scotland, SEPA and Mazars LLP, one of the UK’s largest accountancy firms."

"The Scottish Forum's vision of protecting and enhancing Scotland's natural capital will only be possible through all sectors of society working together. The fact is that, directly or indirectly, everyone from large corporates to local communities rely on natural capital."

Members of the Scottish Forum have all signed up to the Scottish Forum’s vision of:

  • A Scotland in which all parts of society, including companies, NGOs, the Government, public bodies and communities, recognise our reliance on natural capital and the impact we have on it.
  • A Scotland in which an understanding of our relationship with natural capital leads to action to protect and rebuild it.
  • A Scotland which is exercising leadership to galvanise action both here and beyond Scotland’s borders. 

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