Innovative Finance Working Group

Established in early 2019, the Innovative Finance Working Group (IFWG) of the Scottish Forum brings together the Scottish financial community with Scottish Government officials to develop and establish new avenues of directing investment into conservation projects in Scotland.

It does this through directly feeding into the £1 Billion Challenge of the Scottish Conservation Finance Project, which is an ambitious new initiative which aims to pioneer new ways of funding nature conservation in Scotland and establish an infrastructure that will enable and encourage investment in natural capital. The project looks to develop cutting-edge investment and funding models for large-scale nature conservation activities, for example, planting native woodlands, restoring oyster reefs, creating urban green spaces, saving wetlands and restoring coastal and marine ecosystems. The £1 Billion Challenge is looking for scalable nature conservation projects, with credible cash-flows, which enhance and sustain Scotland’s natural capital for public and economic benefit.


Updates and further reading:

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