Public sector leaders share ideas for natural capital

On the 23rd November 2017, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital convened a high-level roundtable in Edinburgh to determine how to take forward the Scottish Government's commitments of protecting and rebuilding natural capital. Bringing together 18 public sector bodies in Scotland, including NHS – Health Scotland, Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Water, the discussion was the first

Updates from 2018 Public Sector Roundtable – Crown Estate Scotland and SEPA

Crown Estate Scotland, SEPA, Farm Advisory Service and SAC Consulting are currently working toward finalising the scope of a project on Natural Capital and Integrated Land Management Plans. This project will explore the most effective way to include Natural Capital element in Integrated Land Management Plans (ILMP). The aim is not to make substantive changes to the normal ILMP format

SNH’s natural capital asset index

Scotland’s Natural Capital Asset Index: Tracking the national Index  Robert Kennedy famously said of GDP “it measures everything in short, except that which makes life worthwhile”. There has been a general consensus that a more comprehensive way to measure wellbeing needs to be found. A failing of GDP is its inability to measure the often free benefits provided by nature,

Scottish Forum organises a consultation for the Environment Strategy for Scotland

Last month on behalf of the Scottish Government, we at the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital organised a consultation to allow our members to feed into the Environment Strategy for Scotland. The session, which brought together over 20 representatives from business, science, academia and conservation, was held at Scotland’s Rural College in Edinburgh and was chaired by Ian Jardine, National

Natural capital report for Stirling

City deals and City Region Deals are a major opportunity to look at investment decisions through a new lens, bringing greater social, environmental and economic benefits over the longer term. This report is an analysis of two proposals: a River Project aiming to put the river back at the heart of Stirling life, and a new city park. We hope that

Importance of natural assets included in the Scottish Government’s new Economic Action Plan

Today, the Scottish Government released their new Economic Action Plan, which sets out a number of new and existing actions which they believe will “work together to build a strong, vibrant and diverse economy that promotes wellbeing and attracts investment.” Within this new plan, it is recognised that Scotland’s high-quality natural assets, such as water, soil and nature, “are the

‘Why invest in nature?’ Short Film Competition launches for 2019

The Scottish Forum on Natural Capital and Scottish Natural Heritage have joined forces with business, education and the arts industry to offer young people the opportunity to share work inspired by Scotland’s nature.   The short film competition is seeking entries that combine passion and creative talent with the latest facts to make a powerful case for why businesses should

Natural Capital Accounts for Scotland released

Today, the Scottish Government released the first set of Ecosystem Service Accounts for Scotland. These accounts, produced by the Office for National Statistics, provide the first comprehensive assessment of Scotland’s natural capital and includes information on 10 ecosystem services: Agricultural biomass  Fish capture Timber Water abstraction Mineral production Oil and gas production Renewable energy generation Carbon sequestration Air pollutant removal Recreation

Updates from 2018 Public Sector Roundtable – Scottish Government

In March the first set of Scottish Natural Capital accounts was launched by SG. The accounts provide information on the physical flows and asset value for ten ecosystem services, outlined on the website. The accounts also contain estimates of the total asset value of the stock. This showed that the partial asset value of Scottish natural capital was £273 billion

Updates from 2018 Public Sector Roundtable – Scottish Natural Heritage

The Natural Capital Asset Index (NCAI) was updated in April with the most recent results showing that overall the potential of Scotland’s environment to improve wellbeing is increasing. Heath and peatland habitats continue to show signs of recovery since lows in 2012. This year a Story Map was launched that presents the latest results in a more user-friendly and accessible