• The Natural Capital Asset Index (NCAI) was updated in April with the most recent results showing that overall the potential of Scotland’s environment to improve wellbeing is increasing. Heath and peatland habitats continue to show signs of recovery since lows in 2012.
    • This year a Story Map was launched that presents the latest results in a more user-friendly and accessible way. It also helps explain how the index works and where the NCAI fits into the bigger picture of natural capital work in Scotland and SNH.
    • A full description of the differences between the NCAI and SG’s natural capital accounts can be found in this comparison document.


  • A feasibility study for a Marine Natural Capital Asset Index (mNCAI) was jointly commissioned by SNH and Marine Scotland and published earlier this year. This report shows a marine natural capital asset index is possible but data and indicators may not be quite developed enough for it to be immediately feasible, but that work can be done to work towards creating one. A coastal and intertidal index could be an achievable intermediate target. 


  • SNH and the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital launched a short film competition for young people about why businesses should invest in nature. The contest encouraged young people to communicate the benefits of nature in a creative way. There were six different categories to enter, each representing a different business sector in Scotland. The contest offered cash prizes of up to £1000 sponsored by private businesses, with the winners being announced in late June.

  • A project to develop natural capital accounts for SNH land is currently being carried out, with reports set to be published over the summer. This will bring a better understanding of the stocks of natural capital on SNH land and the benefits that flow from them. The results will demonstrate the value to people from nature, inform future decisions about land management and encourage others to apply a natural capital approach to increase investment in nature.