Scottish Nature Finance Pioneers

Established in July 2020, and formerly known as the Scottish Conservation Finance Pioneers,  the Scottish Nature Finance Pioneers group brings together anyone with an interest in nature finance in Scotland. It emerged out of an earlier Scottish Forum sub-group, the Innovative Finance Working Group, which played an important role in driving the "Route Map to £1 Billion" conservation finance project, which launched in May 2020, and was led by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and SEPA. 

The Scottish Nature Finance Pioneers group aims to build on the interest generated in conservation finance by the Route Map, and is open to anyone to join, from anywhere in the world. It's ultimate aim is to develop and establish new avenues for directing investment into nature projects in Scotland.

A key focus for the new group is a Basecamp site which provides an open space for anyone with an interest in nature finance in Scotland to share, interact and network. It also provides a launchpad to learn more about the nine conservation finance 'routes' presented in Scotland's Routemap to £1 Billion for Nature Conservation, and current work on further 'routes' developed since then.

If you are interested in finding out more, or joining this group, please complete this short form, and we will be in touch with further details.

Or alternatively, contact Simon Herko, Nature Finance Network Lead for the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital -

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