The Steering Group of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, listed below, is made up of senior representatives from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Steering Group Members        Secretariat
David Watt (Chair)


Governance Express

Ruchir Shah

Director of External Affairs

Scottish Wildlife Trust

Jo Pike (Deputy Chair)

Chief Executive

Scottish Wildlife Trust

Bruce Wilson

Head of Policy and Advocacy

Scottish Wildlife Trust

Anne McCall


RSPB Scotland

Julia Clough

Project Development Officer

Scottish Forum on Natural Capital


Catherine Preston

Head of Innovation



Catherine McWilliam

Nations Director – Scotland

IoD Scotland

Chris Barber

Chief Financial Officer


Prof Deb Roberts

Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Science

James Hutton Institute


Francesca Osowska

Chief Executive


Dr Gary Gillespie

Chief Economic Adviser

The Scottish Government

Prof Marc Metzger

Professor of Environment and Society

University of Edinburgh

Dr Richard Mattison

S&P Global Sustainable1
Chief Executive Officer
S&P Global Trucost

Tom McKenna

Senior Manager

Capitals Coalition

(Youth representative)

Prof Wayne Powell

Chief Executive

Scotland’s Rural College


Prof William Austin

Professor of Geography and Sustainability

University of St Andrews