At the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, we understand that collaboration is essential to overcome the difficulties Scotland faces in the coming decades, including declining stocks of natural capital, climate change and the challenges of economic development.

Therefore, we encourage our members to take up the opportunity to work with the Scottish Forum to deliver their natural capital-based projects. Whether it is trialling the Natural Capital Protocol on their businesses, such as Crown Estate Scotland, or producing a natural capital assessment, like Stirling City Council, members can work to deliver their projects in partnership with the Scottish Forum in order to benefit from the extraordinary amount of expertise and experience found within our networks.

Below is a graphic which can help your organisation visualise how and when to involve the Scottish Forum, and what benefits a partnership would bring. The Scottish Forum is a not-for-profit organisation and we do not charge a fee for our involvement.

If your organisation has a project which the Scottish Forum can help deliver, please contact Julia Clough at