Natural capital navigation resource launched

The Scottish Forum on Natural Capital's new signposting page has been launched today to help you to access briefings, tools, resources & guidance to drive understanding of natural capital's importance for your organisation.
5th Aug 2016

Natural Capital Protocol for business launched

The Natural Capital Protocol, a new global standardised framework designed to help businesses to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital, has been launched.
13th Jul 2016

Land-based business survey launched

The Scottish Forum on Natural Capital has today launched a survey of Scottish landowners, farmers and land managers.
25th May 2016

Land management and natural capital briefing

The Scottish Forum on Natural Capital has launched a new briefing to help further understanding of the relationship between land management and natural capital.
24th May 2016

Natural Capital a National Indicator

The Scottish Government’s update of the National Performance Framework (NPF), published in March, included “Increase natural capital” as one of five new National Indicators.
6th May 2016

Business: Protecting and enhancing natural capital is urgent

Over 70% of businesses in Central Scotland believe that urgent action is necessary to protect and enhance Scotland’s natural capital, according to new research. 
8th Feb 2016

GUEST BLOG: A new era for our peatland natural capital

Guest blog from Clifton Bain, Director of the IUCN UK Peatland Programme on the launch of the Peatland Code.
18th Dec 2015

First Minister's opening speech to the 2015 World Forum on Natural Capital

On Monday 23 November, Nicola Sturgeon welcomed more than 500 delegates from 45 countries to Edinburgh for the second World Forum on Natural Capital. Read her full speech.
17th Dec 2015

Scottish Stream at the World Forum launched

The Scottish Stream at the World Forum on Natural Capital in Edinburgh, 23-24 November 2015, will provide exclusive content to members and invited guests of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital.
29th Oct 2015

GUEST BLOG: Green Infrastructure - a growing need

Green Infrastructure is many things to many people, but in general terms, it is the green features that exist in a landscape. Emilie Wadsworth explains the value of some of the many benefits we derive from it.
25th Sep 2015