The First Natural Capital and the Circular Economy Roundtable was held on 9th September 2015, chaired by Ramsay Urquhart, Director of Risk & Compliance at Alliance Trust.

This became an annual Public Sector Leaders’ Natural Capital Roundtable event, exploring topics such as:

  • Delivering Government Ambition in July 2017
  • Vacant and Derelict Land in November 2018
  • Taking Action for Climate and Nature in December 2019

With contributors such as:

Mark Williams, Scottish Water – Beyond Net Zero Emissions in November 2020

Simon Fuller, Scottish Government RESAS – Nature-positive Economy and Principles for Natural Capital Accounting on Public Land with Simon Hodgson, FLS in December 2021

James Oliver, Hampden Holdings – Understanding public-private partnerships in natural capital investment in December 2022

Find out more Public Sector Leader Roundtables – Scottish Forum on Natural Capital (