• Crown Estate Scotland, SEPA, Farm Advisory Service and SAC Consulting are currently working toward finalising the scope of a project on Natural Capital and Integrated Land Management Plans. This project will explore the most effective way to include Natural Capital element in Integrated Land Management Plans (ILMP). The aim is not to make substantive changes to the normal ILMP format but to define a specific element of Natural Capital assessment that can be added on to the existing format of IMLPs. 
    • Crown Estate Scotland tenants will have the opportunity to develop an ILMP with this new Natural Capital ‘bolt-on’. SG fund up to 80% of the cost of consultancy support needed to carry out Integrated Land Management Plans and, as part of this project, Crown Estate Scotland will provide the balance of funding for a set number of plans.


  • Stage 2 of the Natural Capital Protocol trial will extend the Natural Capital Protocol trial, completed in 2018, to the dairy sector. This new trial will focus on a dairy farm business operating on land managed by Crown Estate Scotland in South West Scotland, with reporting complete by May 2019. The aim is to build on the work completed in the initial trial by testing the value of the protocol for informing dairy sector business decisions. The project will also contribute to a range of trials co-ordinated through the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital Sustainable Land Management Working Group. Cumulus Consultants will continue their work on the trial in this next phase, alongside partners SEPA and Crown Estate Scotland.