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Membership of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital does not require a financial contribution and is open to public, private and voluntary organisations that would like to contribute to achieving our vision to protect and rebuild Scotland’s natural capital.

The vision of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital is of:

  • A Scotland in which all parts of society, including companies, NGOs, the Government, public bodies and communities, recognise our reliance on natural capital and the impact we have on it.
  • A Scotland in which an understanding of our relationship with natural capital leads to action to protect and rebuild it.
  • A Scotland which is exercising leadership to galvanise action both here and beyond Scotland’s borders.

Members of the Scottish Forum benefit from:

  • Exclusive events featuring the latest natural capital thinking from Scotland and the rest of the world.
  • The Scottish Forum’s Ask an Expert service to help address your challenges.
  • Engaging with decision-makers to help shape the emerging dialogue.
  • Opportunities to collaborate on practical projects and research through the Scottish Forum project groups.
  • Networking opportunities with leading players in natural capital and the Scottish Forum’s diverse membership.
  • An online platform to publish natural capital thought-pieces.
  • Information about natural capital related events and developments.

Please complete the brief form below and we will be in contact shortly to complete the membership process.