Workshop One, Online – Initial brainstorm of themes

CivTech is a Scottish Government programme that brings the public, private and third sectors together to build things that make people’s lives better.

This workshop will facilitate the development of challenge ideas for CivTech Challenge 10 with a view to hold a second workshop in person on 14th March to narrow down the ideas and synthesise into one or more challenges to submit.

The topic focus will be on digital approaches to the collection of biodiversity data, to explore and solve some of the key issues when using digital tools to interpret, distribute or give meaning to data. The themes from the results of the Digital Enablers survey will provide the starting point for the brainstorming session.

We’ll be using EasyRetro to collate and prioritise ideas. https://easyretro.io/dashboard

If you are interested in helping to tease out the pivotal questions around biodiversity data, please join us.

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