Realise Earth

Supporting leaders and organisations make greater progress on sustainability, through: Leadership for Sustainability Podcast & Guides: insights, inspiration and practical advice for and from sustainability directors, managers and pioneers. Leadership for Sustainability Forum: join other sustainability leaders live to explore the key issues and challenges that matter to you. Expert support to help you activate collaboration and collective innovation to

Land Use Consultants (LUC)

‘LUC is an award winning, employee-owned, multi-disciplinary environmental services consultancy working across the UK. We understand the urgency of tackling the crises facing society of climate change and biodiversity loss and our responsibility to maximise our positive impact in meeting these challenges and improving human well-being. Our mission is to deliver better futures for nature, people and place and ensuring


We enable people and nature to thrive through delightful, innovative and ethical landscape design. ‘As a consultancy intimately involved in ecosystem services and nature-based solutions, we need to understand the role that natural capital can play in opening up opportunities for multi-functional green infrastructure and ecosystems. Through our engagement with the Scottish Forum we hope to be an active participant


We are a specialist recruitment company, dedicated to matching individuals who are passionate about sustainability with companies who are making a positive impact on the environment and society. SOENEC presents an opportunity for organisations to take advantage of diverse perspectives in order to better understand how their operations affect the environment. By bringing in new voices and ideas, companies can

Rethink Carbon

Our mission is to empower every land manager with the tools to make informed choices. Through our technology platform, we provide a streamlined approach to analyse and project future land use scenarios that ensure commercial sustainability, maximise carbon capture and storage, promote biodiversity, and align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. “Rethink Carbon are empowering land managers with the

Real Wild Estates

Real Wild Estates are a nature-based solutions-focused organisation, supporting landowners and land holders to identify diverse income streams which finance ecological restoration – delivering benefits for businesses, communities and the natural world. We understand the challenge faced by those balancing food production, energy provision and land management with the pressure to deliver on biodiversity needs, soil health, climate resilience and

Terranomics Ltd

“After 20 years working on financing nature restoration in the UK and internationally, we’re pleased to contribute what we can to promote investment in Scotland’s natural capital” Chris Knight, Director, Terranomics Limited   Our core services NBS INVESTMENT We provide: Investment programme concept development and structuring support. We are used to working on programme concepts ranging from ten of thousands

Jordisk Consulting

“Jordisk is a Scottish based Sustainability Consultancy, focused on helping businesses to do better. We are delighted to support the work of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital. We have a unique wealth of natural resources in Scotland and have an opportunity to show global leadership by finding ways for both business and nature to thrive together.” David Howe, CEO

Broc Environment Ltd

Louise Johnson is an independent biodiversity conservation and management specialist, and Director of Broc Environment Ltd. I perform audit and review of industrial energy and extractive projects: where there is the potential to impact threatened wildlife and landscapes, seeking to avoid adverse consequences on nature and natural resources wherever feasible,  enabling progress towards positive impacts, both ecologically and socially. Broc Environment Ltd.

Caledonian Climate

Caledonian Climate brings together responsible landholders and business leaders to reverse climate change through the long-term restoration of peatlands across Scotland. ‘The opportunities presented by collaboration within the Natural Capital sector are fundamental to achieving a balanced and sustainable future for Land Management in Scotland. We are delighted to join the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital to support and continue