“After 20 years working on financing nature restoration in the UK and internationally, we’re pleased to contribute what we can to promote investment in Scotland’s natural capital”

Chris Knight, Director, Terranomics Limited


Our core services


We provide:

Investment programme concept development and structuring support. We are used to working on programme concepts ranging from ten of thousands of hectares up to 1m+ hectares and understand the need to build long term partnerships which address multiple economic, social and environmental interests.

Analysis and design of NBS financing mechanisms.

Access to investors looking for sustainable land use and conservation finance opportunities. We help identify relevant investors, build their interest in a programme, and work to translate this into a partnership commitment.

Investment analysis. In order to turn ideas into investable projects we build realistic investment models and prospectuses using primary or secondary data.



We provide:

Strategic advice to help our clients engage with the finance sector to develop and market financial solutions to environmental challenges.  We help to identify those organisations which are starting to respond to environmental challenges, and for those that are not, ways to begin engaging them on sustainability opportunities and risks.

An understanding of the state of the art of NBS investments – from project origination, incubation and structuring, through to landscape level programme design and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Qualitative and quantitative analyses of funding flows within landscapes – in other words we can help you understand who the real movers and shakers are in local and global finance sectors and identify where funding for projects and key industry sectors is coming from.



We provide:

Rapid reviews of the competitive landscape and market trends. This is useful for businesses and entrepreneurs considering the feasibility and market entry points for new products and services focused on a range of growth areas driven by sustainable development challenges.

Business mentoring and small business advice. An external perspective and insights from our diverse experience in sustainable finance and business can be helpful for entrepreneurs and established businesses considering new ‘green’ ventures.



We provide:

Design of performance monitoring and measurement frameworks.

Evaluation and impact assessment services.

Development of sector-wide guidance on target setting and measurement approaches.



We also provide leadership and coordination services for proposal and concept note development related to scaling up private sector engagement and investment in NBS.



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