Natural Capital on a Highland Estate

Introduction The JAHAMA Highland Estate is a mixed highland estate which serves the Fort William Aluminium Smelter’s huge appetite for water to generate electricity for the arc furnaces there. Water is piped from the Spey Dam and Lochs Laggan and Treig via a 14 mile pipe built in the 1920s and 1940s to drive the generators which produce the electricity.

100 Business Actions for Nature – a new resource for business

About As CoP 26 in Glasgow recently underlined, more than ever before, businesses are required to make transformational changes as a vital component of tackling the twin biodiversity and climate crises. However knowing the right steps to take, or sometimes even where to begin, is not always an easy task for businesses, whether large or small. To help businesses, on whatever stage

Podcast – The first £billion is the hardest? Scotland’s challenge for natural capital

As the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) was being held last week, a timely new report by the Green Finance Institute revealed that a minimum of £44 – £97 billion of investment is required to deliver the UK’s nature-related ambitions over the next 10 years. The investment is needed to secure key nature-related outcomes in the UK – such as biodiversity protection and restoration. The gap in

COP 26 Partnership event with GEFI – Save the date!

The Scottish Forum is to be a partner with Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI) who are organising a satellite event at Ross Priory, Loch Lomond during COP 26. The event, entitled ‘Finance for Nature in Nature’, will run from from Monday 1st November to Friday 5th November 2021. The Scottish Forum has been invited to be a core partner in

Capitals Coalition – Re-defining value in decision-making

Formed in 2020, the Capitals Coalition is a global collaboration that seeks to transform decision-making processes by redefining how we think about value. As advocates of a “capitals approach”, the aim is to broaden our sense of value beyond a traditional understanding of “capital” as solely economic, to include four capitals,  – natural capital, social capital, human capital and produced capital. The value that flows from

The NATURE tool – Implementing net gains for the environment at project scale

Introduction Recent years have seen the UK demonstrate a promising mindset shift when it comes to the environment. This transition in the planning and development sector away from avoidance of negative impacts on the environment towards delivering net benefits is attracting attention globally. Whilst net gains for biodiversity are essential for sustainable development, and to tackle the ecological crisis, it

Scottish Government Consultation: National Strategy for Economic Transformation

The Scottish Forum recently submitted our priorities to the Advisory Council who are overseeing the  National Strategy for Economic Transformation, as part of the Chief Economist Directorate of The Scottish Government. This was in response to their recent consultation seeking priorities for a new ten year economic strategy. The Advisory Council is composed of business leaders, academics and economists who will help shape and

Funding Nature-based Solutions

Nature offers multiple ways to tackle many of the issues we face as a result of a changing climate and our changing society. We have always sought help from nature, but only recently are we beginning to fully understand and appreciate the value of nature as a problem solver. In Scotland, communities are suffering from issues such as flooding, poor

GUEST BLOG – Applying the Natural Capital Protocol to woodland creation

Introduction and background People today have more awareness than ever about their impacts and dependencies on the environment. Perhaps this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has highlighted how important our relationship with nature is, when all we could do is go out for a walk in the park. Or maybe it is because of all the countries that

A Timeline for our Future – opportunities for Scotland’s land-based natural capital

Event rationale The Scottish Forum recently held a joint event in partnership with Scottish Environment LINK, which sought to answer the question, “What are the top 5 opportunities for Scotland’s land based natural capital in the context of a green recovery?” The rationale for the event was captured neatly by a quote from Dieter Helm, formerly Chair of the Natural Capital