GUEST BLOG - Biodiversity Net Gain

SLR Consulting give their perspective on biodiversity net gain, environmental net gain, and what lessons could be applicable to Scotland from wider UK experiences.
23rd Oct 2020

GUEST BLOG - Testing the Natural Capital Protocol on Glensaugh farm

Paola Ovando-Pol and Kirsty Blackstock, from the James Hutton Institute, examine the Natural Capital Protocol's application on Glensaugh farm.
23rd Oct 2020

Financing Nature: Closing the Global Biodiversity Financing Gap

An important and timely report is published this week by The Paulson Institute, The Nature Conservancy, and Cornell Atkinson Centre for Sustainability, exploring how we can bridge the "Biodiversity Financing Gap".
14th Sep 2020

Oceans of Value - New project out for tender

Oceans of Value project based in Orkney will utilise natural capital valuation approaches to value the marine environment.
26th Aug 2020
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GUEST BLOG - Natural Capital Laboratory

Guest blog from Chris White, Environmental Economist with AECOM. 
28th Jul 2020

AGER Report published on green recovery

The Advisory Group on Economic Recovery (AGER) published their report to the Scottish Government in June 2020. 
27th Jul 2020
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Scottish Forum letter to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery

Our Chair, David Watt, recently wrote to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery, outlining our priorities for a green recovery 
3rd Jun 2020

Testing natural capital approaches in land-based businesses

Read about the ground-breaking and innovative work of our members who make up the Forum's Sustainable Land Management working group
27th Apr 2020

Scottish Natural Capital Accounts 2020 published

The Office for National Statistics have published a new report outlining Scotland's Natural Capital Accounts for 2020.
24th Apr 2020